Angara is an earthworm seeding preparation. To make its selection easy, one uses soil from beneath a Banyan tree which has ample fruits and very fertile root systems including the roots that drop which have fertility promoting substances (for man and soil). If Banyan trees are not available or the soil beneath your Banyans is too dry to allow earthworms then looks for other earthworm rich soil to prepare the angara from. You can also start an earthworm cultivation program if the above is not available or possible.

  • 15kg soil from the base of a banyan tree (per acre of farmland)
  • If you are in an area where the soil is hard packed under the Banyan trees then use soil from places where earthworms are present during the rainy season. The soil does not have to have live earthworms per se.

Coating of Seeds Before Planting

  • Coat all seeds with honey and ghee mixture 1:1 before sowing.
  • The coating of seeds with honey and ghee is given by the Rishis. This provides a powerful boost to the potencies of the seeds and helps them germinate and gives a crop that is strong and resistant to disease for its entire life.

Healthy soil and healthy seeds would result in better yield and a healthier crop for mankind. Let's not kill our soil, and ourselves, with the overdose of harmful chemicals.

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