Nirvana Organic is based out of Mukteshwar Himalayas ,Nainital district of Uttarakhand where it is actively working towards women empowerment, youth engagement, education and other developmental projects in the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

Nirvana Organic movement started back 2010 in Mukteshwar, which is known as the fruit bowl of Uttarakhand. We are blessed with fruits like apple, peaches, apricot, plum, pears, walnut and kiwi etc. Unfortunately, lot of fruits goes waste due to several factors like over ripening, lack of cold storage, hail storm etc.

This is where OCS Foundation intervened and involved mahila samooh (self help groups) and youth groups and they were encouraged to create small pools of resources with training and self reliance models. The village folks are simple and yet extremely enterprising when it comes to exposure to new methods and ideas of training and livelihood.

The idea of jams, preserves, squashes, cider vinegar etc germinated from here. OCS Foundation team and volunteers joined the hands and we also involved few women farmers as part of core team.

We have several organic food products and categories like: Natural fruit jams and preserves, Herbal tea infusions, fruit squashes, chemical free jaggery, Cold pressed oils like Apricot and Sesame, Kitchen gerbs like Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Lemon Grass, Stevia, Mint and many other, Pahadi Cow Ghee ,Apple Cider Vinegar ,Ragi Atta, Multi Grain Atta, Forest Honey, Tulsi Drops, Curcumin Drops, Flax seeds, Sesame seeds ,Turmeric,Himalayan Rock Salt,Lentils like Rajma, Bhatt, Gahat etc.

All Nirvana Organic food products are curated to promote health, happiness and complete wellness. Our organic food products are cultivated in the pristine Himalayas, without the use of any chemicals and packaged with loving care.

Today Nirvana organic has multiple stores in Uttarakhand where customers get to meet the farmers, in fact they also get to "dirty their hands" In the farms and orchards with the farmers. Now for last two years Nirvana organic food products are also being sold online through various ecommerce channels.

It's a win win for both, the city customer, as they get access to chemical free, healthy food products right from the Mukteshwar Himalayas, and the women farmers also benefit, as they are adding value and life to their produce, and they get to earn better yield and livelihood for themselves and their children.

By choosing Nirvana Organic food products you are supporting our mission and participating in creation of sustainable environment.