Nirvana Organic isn't just an enterprise; it's a social movement. 

Our mission is to support and empower incredible women farmers of Uttarakhand by fostering sustainable farming and distribution. These women are the backbone of mountain agriculture, working tirelessly day in and day out. We are here to help them grow and sustain, taking steps towards a better future for mountain communities.

Nirvana Organic was established in 2010 in Mukteshwar,Uttarakhand, often referred to as the fruit bowl of Uttarakhand. Our journey began with an initiative to solve the problem of fresh produce wastage by building a fast and sustainable supply chain. Nirvana Organic brings the freshest organic produce straight to you, with both physical stores and convenient e-commerce platforms.

Life of women farmers in uttrakhand

Mountain women farmers in Uttarakhand work tirelessly, spending up to 15 hours a day nurturing crops and managing households amidst challenging conditions. Poverty, limited resources, and dependence on rain-fed agriculture exacerbate their struggles, prompting many men to seek employment elsewhere, leaving women, children, and the elderly behind.

Despite abundant fruit production in the region, selling crops is a hurdle due to inadequate storage facilities and market access. As a solution, efforts are being made to utilize their produce efficiently by creating organic products, thereby reducing wastage and providing these women with additional sources of income.

Our Motivation

The main reason to start this initiative is the hardworking women farmers of Uttarakhand.

These women farmers are the soul of the state's agriculture. They handle everything from planting seeds to protecting crops, often working tirelessly throughout the day. Despite their crucial role, they face challenges like lack of recognition, limited education, and economic hardship.

Driven by these situations, we started Nirvana Organics with a simple dream: to create a food chain that's not just sustainable, but truly empowering for women farmers.


Currently, we are operating in Uttarakhand in the form of physical stores and placements at various locations. We help women farmers showcase their produce through designated sections in their network of several physical stores and online platforms. 

Now, women confidently lead farmer cooperatives, negotiate fair prices for their crops, and inspire future generations to embrace sustainable farming practices. 

Through purchasing, volunteering, or simply spreading awareness, you can help create a future where these women's voices are heard, valued, and celebrated.

Step into our world and experience the essence of the Himalayas, delivered straight to your doorstep. With every product, we aim to encapsulate the rich flavors and natural purity of this breathtaking landscape, ensuring that every bite is a celebration of nature's bounty.