Health is wealth, really?

Health is wealth, really?

Imagine you are out for a walk in the forest, it's dark, and you suddenly meet this divine person who is radiating peace and light. He speaks to you and asks you, what do you want in life? it's not a trick question, come on he is the almighty, asking you a direct and simple question.

Are you ready for a simple answer to this simple question?

What comes to mind? Riches, assets, fame, abundance of food resources, specific person in life, mastering the latest technology, a fancy smart car?

Now few people here might choose none of the above and they might settle down for "peace of mind", and yes it is indeed becoming very rare these days.

Some more sensible people may ask for good health, why, because even if you get all of the above, you will not be able to enjoy them unless you are healthy, right? So far, you have been slogging and giving your right hand in order to achieve that house, that promotion, that car at the cost of your mental peace and your health. It has been a simple give and take. Don't you realize that your health actually is the most important currency or energy that can help you in your journey of being "successful". Things around us are changing fast, global warming is not an alien subject, it's standing just outside your door. All of us have seen a rapid decline in the quality of food, vegetables, fruits and our staple foods around us. Farming is no longer for good health, it is pure commerce and they need quick yields and quick crops, at what cost? The cost is once again our health. These corporates have raped the earth, spoiled our water resources and environment and we, the people are just not able to cope with.

  • Environmental Impact:

    • Rapid changes in global warming are evident.
    • Decline in the quality of food due to commercial farming practices.
  • Health Consequences:

    • Instances of diseases like cancer, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and respiratory infections are on the rise.
    • Contamination of food, air, and water sources poses a significant health risk.
  • Future Concerns:

    • Parents are advised to relocate children from polluted cities for better health.
    • Future generations face a bleak quality of life and survival challenges.

If you still don't see the writing on the wall, well, it's your call.

Now for you, do you think the present medical system and practices are capable of reversing this unfortunate trend? They all have failed miserably and they are clueless. You as an individual have to make the changes and choices as no one is coming to save you and your loved ones. Medically speaking, your body is naturally designed to "grow" till an age of 50, then it plateaus and starts declining after some time. You can simply maintain it after that; you can take care provided you have fed it well and healthy until you were young. Don't you want to take charge of your health today and every day?

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