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Role of five elements in our food

by Creative Nexus 2023 04 May 2023

Traditional farming or Vedic farming was done keeping few basics in mind. All the five elements of nature play an important role in cultivation of healthy and nutritional food. A seed is planted in earth, it is nurtered with water and manure, health air plays an important role and finally sun blesses the plant and our fields. Finally with the hard work and effort of a farmer, the food reaches our kitchen and this gives "prakat, vital energy, to our body. 
Sages Contribution to Vedic Agriculture in India
The Vedic people cultivated the crops of wheat, barley, and other eatable nuts which were the primary food items. In Rigveda, the Rishis didn’t mention the rice. So that the Vedic people didn’t know about the cultivation of Paddy. The Rishis wrote the hymns in Rig Veda and Atharvaveda about the importance of rains and the cattle. Even the six seasons also narrated and exposed the particular uses of every season. The Vedic people had good knowledge of science, they also found out the role of light in manufacturing the food off the trees themselves. The people utilized the Sun rays for the purpose of getting good crops in Vedic agriculture.
Nirvana organic Vedic farms at Mukteshwar Himalayas are blessed with pristine environment and abundance of unpolluted sunshine. This adds lots of nutritional value to our food. 
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