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Nutrition for our fields.

by Creative Nexus 2023 04 May 2023

We are what we eat and similarly, our plants, our farms, our orchards also gives us back what we feed them. Are we feeding our earth with chemicals and poison or are we providing healthy and organic manure with love and affection? 
Vedas Contribution to Vedic Agriculture
Vedic people’s another achievement was Manuring. The people of the Vedic period used the useless items like the leaves, cow dung and other materials thrown into the agriculture land made them decompose. This process made the soil to increase the fertility of good crops. The Atharvaveda narrated, how to increase the soil fertility and how to improve the productivity of the cultivated land. Our ancestors were very popular in understanding about the importance of cultivation. So that they widely wrote the books about how to Cultivate the crops.
The Vedic people divided the plants into various groups. Especially, eatable plants, creeps, medicinal plants and many other. They keenly studied the nature and benefits of the plants. The plant life and benefits of each plant also described in our ancient books. Moreover, the agriculture people should know about the cultivation and the nature of plants. So the Sages have been written about the functions of roots of the trees, twigs, flowers, leaves, and fruits.
Our Vedic farming in Mukteshwar Himalayas is completely chemical and poison free as we use only cow dung and leaves as manure and earthworms do the rest. 
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