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Natural food vs Junk Food!!!

by Creative Nexus 2023 04 May 2023

Many of us, in fact, most of us crave sugary and greasy food items that we know very well are unhealthy for us but we just can’t control our urge to keep it away. On a lighter note, this also seems to be a trend of Kaliyug where the villain appears to be a hero and he(she) overpowers our senses and they dominate our thinking process.

I remember clearly as a kid in school days many corporate used to give us free samples of those two-minute noodles and acidic Colas to taste and yes no one in the school and our families never liked that taste at all but it was simply forced upon us and we were simply forced to acquire that strange taste.

It was followed by extremely glamorous and inviting advertising where all celebrities were dancing in media in flashy costumes pushing and shoving advertising all such “food” products. Now how can you say no to your idol when you were a kid?

Stop and ponder and you will realize that all that junk foods owned by global corporations were pushed into our plates and daily routine, thanks to globalization, so what if childhood obesity has become a new normal around us and it further increased the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, Cancer and heart ailments, etc.

Soon our poor “healthy food” lost the battle of perception against fashionable junk food. And yes it also tasted yummy,and suddenly everyone was hooked on it.

Look around you and you will notice a kid polishing off a bottle of cola while having his/her breakfast and fruit or some nuts are  a no-no to kill our mid-day hunger pangs but we end up munching a hamburger or French fries with a soda. Parents of today have simply surrendered and actually, they are hands in glove with this “new” idea of 2-minute noodles and they just can’t convince their kids to pick fresh vegetables, whole grains, dry fruits, and nuts over these fancy-looking, unhealthy and calorie loaded junk food.

All of us are simply the victims of advertising and forcibly acquired taste, we all know that a diet incorporating fresh and natural produce lowers the risk of numerous chronic disorders which are rampant around us. To add to this, natural and fresh food is loaded with a healthy amount of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and diet fiber which promotes over all wellbeing and good health.

Natural foods or healthy foods are primarily unprocessed, nutritional, low on calories, and rich in essential minerals and vitamins which are completely lacking in junk food. Natural food is low on saturated fat or trans fat and harmful sugar and salts.

Simple and healthy food not only gives you much-needed nutrition to your body but also acts as a catalyst in uplifting your overall health, both, physical and emotional.

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