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Living in sync with nature!!!

by Creative Nexus 2023 04 May 2023

All of us have heard about 5 elements of nature or Pancha Maha Bhuta in Sanskrit. If we observe carefully, we would realize that we are linked to our environment very closely, our physical body consists of water, we need air to breathe, and yes we can do without healthy soil or earth to produce food.
Even otherwise, mother nature has always been a source of inspiration and awe for all of us. It teaches us how to maintain balance and coexist with other species.

If we take time and look around us, we will notice various kinds of topography, we have gigantic mountains, we have vast and dry deserts, on the other hand, we have big rivers flowing across continents, we have seas and oceans which are unable to tame . And the beauty is the fact that all these places are complete with life in the forms of animals, birds and insects, and flora and fauna which is typical to that specific geography and it has been thriving despite the harsh conditions. There is a reason why it's called “Mother earth”.

All other species have learned to live and thrive by behaving in the natural process and evolution but we have a rather strange being, called the Human who has always defied the law of nature and it has always acted, unfortunately, as a parasite on the planet. There is no end to our greed, we have raped the earth looking for fossil fuel which in turn pollutes the environment, we have been using pesticides which have spoiled the fertility of the earth, we take pride in the development of nuclear warfare etc.

We have been paying huge costs by doing all this in the form of diseases and misery all around us. But have we learned the lesson?

Hope comes to us through the new generation which is very conscious and responsible. This new generation surely understands that nature is not only the basis of his/her sustenance but it is also the beautiful canvas that brings colors to our lives. What will we do without the red sunset, the blue sky, the white clouds, the foaming white rivers, the vibrant rainbow, the colors of flowers in our gardens and meadows, etc? These colors bring peace, joy, and serenity to our lives.
Our doctors and healers have always recommended we go to the mountains to refresh and heal from the daily rut of city life and ailments. Nature, like a caring mother, has always been providing us with its resources to keep us alive, healthy, happy, and peaceful.

It is our responsibility to love back and preserve our nature, our source of life.


In our context, the green revolution and the white revolution have put tremendous stress on our habitat in India and even cattle are being given hormonal injections to extract maximum out of them artificially.

Genetically modified crops, large mechanized farming, and strong pesticides have surely increased the output of the crops all over the planet but we should not forget that these harmful chemicals enter our soil and are washed into our water resources. They simply eliminate our farms of natural habitat and plants and other species which have played a crucial role in the natural food chain system.

Studies in our metros and urban populations have clearly shown that people associate green and open natural spaces with feelings of well-being, freedom, and stress buster. Children, not surprisingly, are more creative at play in green spaces and adults have felt such greenery as a natural anti-depressant. We all know that trees can filter out air pollution and act as lungs by improving air quality, especially in metros and urban areas.

I am sure we all can learn and practice the teachings from our ancestors and native tribal population all over the globe who used to worship Mother Nature and preservation was daily life for them.

Come be a part of "Friends of Nirvana".

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