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Healthy fruit jams !!!

by Creative Nexus 2023 04 May 2023

Fruit jams and chutneys are very popular food in all our kitchens and dining tables. Our kids love them and yes we also love them. Let’s try to understand this interesting food item on our dining table, what exactly is a fruit jam?
There are various kinds of jams, some are ordinary, some are loaded with harmful sugar and some are good for health with real fruit ingredients. Generally speaking, fruit jams are GMO-free, and gluten-free and due to fruit chunks, they are loaded with healthy fibre and yes good quality jams contain less sugar. Like in the case of Nirvana Organic jams from Mukteshwar Himalayas, We use real chemical-free fruits like Apples, Plums, Apricots and Plums etc and we use good quality sulphur-less sugar for its unique health benefits.

Or fruit jams come with their own advantages and health benefits, we always use the handpicked choicest fruits from the famous fruit orchards of the Himalayas which are grown without using any chemicals. So you can spread Nirvana Organic fruit jams and tasty chutneys easily across your toast and paranthas loaded with love and loaded with nutrition. Unlike regular salted butter and cheese etc, a fruit jam is surely a healthier version as butter contains cholesterol and fats as compared to butter, a fruit jam is fat-free as it's made from real fruits and sulphur less sugar.

All fruits contain a helpful substance called Pectin, which helps in the healthy eating process while making of jam or chutney, Pectin gets better and modified, its levels increases and this results in better health of our hair, skin and finger nails etc. This substance also acts as a catalyst in stabilising blood pressure and even forming red blood cells in the human body.
The healthy contents of Nirvana Organic fruit jams and chutneys will also help you with the problem of constipation, it's good to use it on multigrain bread or homemade rotis/paranthas. Fruit jams are a great source of fibre and result in less eating and satisfaction without unnecessary cravings during the day. Our fruit jams are also a valuable source of energy and bring you endurance during exercise.
You must include Nirvana Organic healthy fruit jams and chutneys to make your breakfast nutritious and interesting.

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