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Foot Cream

by Creative Nexus 2023 04 May 2023
Our feet are generally the most abused and mistreated part of our body. Our feet work very hard as we are always on the run and on the feet, literally. Extreme weather conditions like cold and summers in our country create a serious issue for the overall health of our feet and with uncomfortable and designer footwear, well life can be tough for our poor feet. We need to take extra care of our feet with proper footwear, pedicure, and regular usage of daily foot care routines for good health and soft skin.
Oak Tree Foot Cream offers you a natural and plant-based remedy that you can use for regular maintenance of your feet. We would encourage you to stay away from synthetic or harmful creams and lotions sold in the market and instead opt for a purely natural and easygoing foot cream. We are working closely with women communities in Mukteshwar Himalayas , Uttarakhand with the idea of ethical business practices.

Oak Tree Foot Cream is made with pure ayurvedic and natural ingredients like Apricot Oil and Peppermint etc which are sourced from high-altitude fruit orchards and chemical-free farms of Uttarakhand with emphasis on wellness and nourishment of your feet. The primary objective of our foot cream is to soothe and nourish the skin of your feet by taking preventive care against dryness and keeping it supple.
Oak Tree Natural foot cream is fortified with Apricot Oil and peppermint. The cream is blended with deep penetrating apricot oil, aloe vera and peppermint offering natural hydration which reduces dryness and repairs cracked heels, especially in winter. Regular application of foot cream results in a soft and velvet-smooth feel.
Our foot cream is carefully packaged by our expert ayurvedic doctors by using some magical ingredients like Aloe Vera, Urea, Apricot Oil, Peppermint, Glycerine, Base Q.S.
The best way to benefit from the usage of our foot cream is after washing your feet with lukewarm water and pat them dry, spread the cream all over your feet and heels. Gently massage the foot cream in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed.
The unique quality of Oak Tree Natural products is the fact that they are sourced from the pollution-free and chemical-free mountains of Uttarakhand from pure air, and pure soil and water that results in healthy plant-based quality ingredients which are devoid of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our idea is to present you best skin care products that are made using sustainable and ethical practices.,ensuring zero damage to local flora and fauna in the process. These herbs and crops are grown by women farmers and this initiative provides employment opportunities to these hard-working folks who don’t have any other means of employment and livelihood.
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