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Farmers of Devbhoomi

by Creative Nexus 2023 04 May 2023

The Himalayan state of Uttarakhand is also known as Devbhoomi, literally meaning the land of gods.
The state has become popular lately due to tourism and char dham Yatra . Uttrakhand offers pristine environment, pleasant weather, refuge from pollution apart from breath taking views of snow capped peaks.
Despite all this,the rural development of the state has been extremely poor as it used to be a neglected part of UP earlier and there has been no strong visionary leader to help the local economy.
Farming still remains the primary source of economy for the population and difficult terrain and remote locations play spoiler for the poor farmers as they find themselves far removed from the market.
Surprisingly lot of agricultural produce goes waste due to poor infrastructure and apathy of government agencies.There is no surprise that busloads of locals migrate to urban cities in search of a living.
Nirvana Organic, supported by OCS Foundation,has been working closely with several farmers in Mukteshwar and other adjoining areas with individual farmers and women self help groups.We have been training them to add value to their produce and make them non perishable to enhance the life of the products.The fundamental idea is to disrupt this mass exodus of people from mountains and create opportunities for small farmers to earn respect and livelihood.
"Friends of Nirvana", is the initiative wherein we want the farmer to connect directly with the consumer by avoiding middle man in the process.
Here the farmer is encouraged to grow his crops both fruits and vegetables without using any chemicals , organically.
We have created similar groups of consumers in Delhi and NCR who are conscious about healthy food for their families.Simple technology like WhatsApp and FB groups are being used to reach out to such people.
People in cities are also encouraged to come and meet your farmer directly.You are invited to "dirty your hands" by sowing,reaping and harvesting your crops yourself.Meet and make friends with your farmer,see the land,relish the process.

Nirvana Organic will deliver your food directly to your door step.You deserve best of health for yourself and your loved ones.

Come be a part of "Friends of Nirvana".

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