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Conscious eating habits !!!!

by Creative Nexus 2023 04 May 2023

We are what we eat, right?

Let's try to adapt few best practices of conscious eating habits in our day to day life:
1. Where was your food grown?
Knowing the source is important for your wellbeing.
Was it grown in a factory in China? or in some commercial factory in some polluted city?
Or some farm in a village who used traditional methods?
Which one of these you think is best for you?

2.  Who prepared the meal for you?
Your kitchen help whom you trust with hygiene?
Or someone whom you don't know at all in some restaurant?
Or your mother or wife?
Intent and love is perhaps the most important ingredient as compared to addictive Chinese sauce in your meal. 

3. No distraction:
Are you one of those who eats dinner while watching news?
Or your lunch in office was devoid of taste as you were busy talking business with a client while eating?

Switch off your mobile phone, or atleast mute it while eating. Relish your meal with no distraction and no digital screen.

4. Engage all senses:
Smell your food, the smell of curd and the aroma of your vegetables.
Observe the colors of different dishes on your lunch plate, visual delight.
Eat slowly, chew more, enjoy the taste of roti and salad, and dal and yes your pickle as well.

5.Take a pause and check how are you feeling while eating.
Don't bring your bad mood on the dining table, your loved ones are waiting for you since morning. Dedicate this time to them, smile, enjoy the process of eating. Savour your dishes as it gives you vital energy, the prana.

See the magic it does to your health and wellbeing.

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