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Are you in the mood for food?

by Creative Nexus 2023 04 May 2023

We are what we eat, yes, our body is the result of what we consume and how we consume. Our body today is the accumulation of breakfast, lunch, and dinner eaten by us in the last few years, right?

We need to pause and once in a while contemplate on nature cure therapies for our body by going to the best Ayurveda center or best panchakarma center and panchakarma treatments at the best naturopathy center in India or wellness centers in Uttarakhand for stress management program or yoga and meditation treatments for your health and understanding effects of food on your health.

Simply put, the quality or type of food that you consume surely has a direct impact on the kind of body you develop. All of us understand that we need a different diet if we are a sportsperson, or a sage, seeking a higher purpose, and a student preparing for school needs a different kind of food to keep his body active and agile. And a physical laborer or a hard-working farmer has different needs of food intake.

So depending upon your work or purpose, you need to customize your food intake. This wisdom and common sense will always work in our favor. We must always listen to our body, it gives us signals from time to time. Our food intake not only decides our body health but also the way we think and feel and enjoy life and health. For a moment, imagine that you have bought a new car, a petrol car but what will happen to this new car if you fill the gas tank with kerosene? It will damage the engine and the car will not perform the way it should, right? So we need to use fuel (read food) that is compatible with the body. You don’t need any expert advice from the nutritionist or any doctor on what to eat your body will give you simple signals about what you need to eat or the comfort levels of your body with any food.

You would have noticed that your body is allergic to certain food or it's comfortable and happy eating a certain kind of food. Certain food will make your body dull and lethargic. There are certain food types that are easy on your digestion but there is some food that may appeal to your tongue but does more damage. Similarly, research also says that a lot of people who consume meat regularly are also taking anti-depressant medicines at some point in their life. Meat can be ok for you if you are stuck in a forest or desert to keep you going, temporarily, but it can’t be a daily food as it's difficult to digest and not conducive for our system.

Unfortunately, people are becoming victims of advertising and they are eating unhealthy food and drinks, mindlessly and this is resulting in rampant ailments and diseases across. I feel sad for such people and that is not our culture in India, we have always given due respect to the process of growing food and what it does to our body. There is no religious or spiritual science behind it it’s a simple question of life science. We should practice conscious and aware eating habits And this will make a huge difference to the impact of this food-filled with gratitude and empathy.

At Cottage Nirvana, we have our own chemical-free farming and fruit orchards in the vicinity where we encourage people to do it themselves with mindfulness food practices for proper nourishment of their bodies. It’s a wellness destination promoting yoga and meditation holidays and retreats.

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